#262 Hows it going?

Monday Morning:
RFB: Hey… whats up?
RBM: Good good… 
RFB: So how was the weekend?
RBM: Same… what else? Yours?
RFB: Same… what else?

RFB: Chiteej…!!! Whats up?
Chiteej: Whats up peepals?
RFB: Abbe I had awesome omelette at Mocha.
Chiteej: Abbe German Bakery ja bey! Kya mast cheese omelette milta hai bey!
RFB: Shady place hai bey…
Chiteej: Woh pata nahin bey, lekin omelette mast hota hai.

Tuesday Morning:
Cisco 7941: Tu nu nu Tu nu nu
RFB: Hey Bunty
Bunty: Hey RFB
RFB: Hey hey…
Hey hey hey!! (Grrrrr…)

Tuesday Afternoon:
RFB: Lunch?
Lara: Aaj Tuesday hai!

Wednesday Morning:
Chiteej: Abbe mera cappuccino maar liya kisi ne!!
RFB: Usne maara hoga, waise humein tere cappuccino mein interest nahin hai! Mera Bru mast hai!

Njoshi2: Abbe Activa laya hai kya?
RFB: Baarish ho rahi hai bey!
A’jee-K’wale: How are you!!

Wednesday Evening:
Rosh: Its Wednesday evening…
RFB: Yeh I know, but I can’t help it. I will still try

Wednesday Night:
RFB: Simple pleasures
S(t)ree: Abbe, can I take it for a day?
RFB: Sure

Wednesday Late Night:
RFB: Hows it going?
S(t)ree: Marathe!!!!! Kya mast mausam hai. Barish ho rahi hai!!
RFB: Bahar toh ho rahi hai… but…?

Thursday Morning:
RBM: Abbe frust ho gayi!
RFB: Kyun?
RBM: Bassss!

Thursday Evening:
Njoshi2: Do you wanna lose?
RFB: Chal!
A’jee-K’wale: Crack!

Thursday Night:
Bunty: Abbe chal Aurora Towers chalte hain raat ko.
RFB: Nahin yaar, Kothrud jana hai.
Bunty: Kothrud?
RBM: Pashan!!

Friday Morning:
RFB: Hey whats up?
RBM: Its Friday!
RFB: Yeh, it will be Monday soon!

Friday Afternoon:
RFB: Hows it going?
S(t)ree: Good good!
RFB: Gatcha!!!!!!!

A’jee-K’wale: Hey Marathe!
RFB: Hey!!
A’jee-K’wale: Are you going to Bombay?
RFB: Abbe tu ja bey!
A’jee-K’wale: \m/

Friday Evening:
RFB: Bhaiyya.. Kondhwa
5071: Haan sir 10 mins mein aa jao
Chow-chow: Kya bey Friday night ko seedha Kondhwa?
RFB: Haan yaar…

How are we…!!!!


13 thoughts on “#262 Hows it going?

  1. Extended version:

    RFB: Kya be yeh mapping kyun nahi chal raha…
    Chiteej: abbe…woh chor…us hot babe ko dekha
    Kuthe Aahes: Kuthe aahes
    Fountainhead: Ashok ji…data main issue hai
    Ashok ji: Chal chai peete hai
    GG: Doston..chalo QC karte hai
    NJ: How are u!!
    RFB: Abbe hata…main ghar jaa raha hun
    Saaabya: Hello..yes ni***p…sure sure…

  2. bunty- Sabya

    Chitij – Kshitij

    RBM -RAmya


    Ajeee..:) ???

    Whats the funda of RFB??and where am I??

    1. Haha.. yeh, you are right.. You arent there just yet.. A’jee-K’wale is Ashok Jee Kondhwa wale If you browse my blog properly, ul know who RFB is :D

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