#259 What blogging means to me, and why my blog isn’t popular: A view through Blog Analytics



5 thoughts on “#259 What blogging means to me, and why my blog isn’t popular: A view through Blog Analytics

  1. 99% of blog aren’t popular. Most are created then left online until removed by the host provider.

    I read the trend in the next few years, is the 1% that do have the large readership will be the only ones left, the remaining will cease to exist maybe because another technology will overtake (Twitter maybe?) I hope that is not the case.

  2. LOL
    Only you could come up with such a fascinating slideshow presentation about why your blog is not so “Popular”…

    Take a chill pill….

    Like you mentioned in your comment above, your blog is about stuff that usually would not attract crowds – but the select crowd that you do pull in is the one that is interested in what you have to say and wants to read what you write…

    In the long run, it is stuff like this that makes your blog worth visiting or subscribing to!

    Oh and btw…I subscribe to your blog using a RSS reader… LOL


    P.S. You are such a nerd! And I mean that in the sweetest way possible!!

  3. I couldn’t attend the talks at the camp, I am sure it must have been great.

    After seeing your slideshow above, I can only say that personal blogging will only lead you so far. What is important in blogging is finding a niche. Readers want a focussed talk from a blog rather than general rants which will talk of 1 thing today and another thing tomorrow..

    Abhinav Sonkar

    1. Abhinav, Thanks for the comment. Let me tell you honestly, apart from a couple of talks, especially by Navin Kabra and a couple more, the rest were boring! They were mostly focused on Marketing and Making Money… SEO etc…

      Secondly, I do not think you went through my blog properly. I do not expect everyone to read my blog, as it is a personal blog, a web log of me and incidents conversations and travels of only me :) The number of hits really do not matter to me, as I have written in one of the slides, I would not stop blogging even if I get no readers.

      I am not aiming to be a writer, or a journalist or make money from my blog. I have a happy job and a decent education, and do not look for such ventures. Blog for me is just a way to express my feelings and keep a log of things, which my family and friends can relate to.

      Parts of my blog like those on Travel and Photography, can be accessed and loved by people, but again, I do not expect that. Basically even those have been created to be able to share my travel and living experiences with all my acquaintances.

      Hope this helps :) Aditya.

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