#256 Melody of life (continued…)

Suddenly the door bell rang, and he looked up at the clock on the wall. It was eight, he saw, and got up to open the door.

Stretching out his hand towards the table, he located his auxiliary eyes. Through the thick black frame and moderately fat lenses, wide eyes looked around for the shirt he had removed after coming back from his morning walk. On his way to the door, he picked up the shirt lying on the bed in the living room. He put it on and buttoned the middle button. By the time he reached the door, the bell had already rung once again. A soft voice spoke to the door “Haan”… and he continued his slow paced walk to open the door.

There was no need for him to go all the way up to the door and look through the eye of the door. There was a double door. One full size wooden door on the inside, and the other was also a wooden door, but with a grill in the upper half. He would generally keep the inner door open and just close the grilled wooden door in the evenings. That would help in a bit of cross ventilation to his apartment. Often the kids playing around on the floor outside his door would peep in and check out what oldie was doing! Often oldie would go up to the door and give a few toffees to them. Sometimes the kids would barge into the apartment and scatter themselves in a desperate search for the treasure of chocolates that had been hidden somewhere. Today there were no kids. He looked out of the door while he was still a few feet from it. He had an expression on his face, the type when his back pains terribly, something like someone pulling his spine with a hook. He got to the door with a few limps. She was standing there wearing her regular nine yard buxom saree draped in the traditional marathi style like every single day. She was sweating, profusely, as if she climbed all the way to the sixth floor of the building instead of using the elevator. She removed her chappals at the door and walked in straight to the kitchen as soon as he opened the door.


Please note: This story is a continuation of post #253 Melody of Life


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