#249 The farzi engineers strike again!

Saturday, 4pm

RFB: Dude IPL chal raha hai! And here we are doing nothing!
SA: We should repair this box soon man!

Some days back…
Box: I came all the way from Kolkata. But look at me now! The picture tube has come off the frame, the speakers are hanging loose and the motherboard has no connection to any part of my body!
RFB: It seems the packers and movers did not take good care of you.

RFB: Dude we are two electrical engineers here. We should be ashamed to call ourselves electrical engineering graduates from premier engineering institutes of India!
SA: Man, premier institutes eh? Pointing to the three pin plug in the switchboard… Dude I don’t even know which one of those holes is neutral and which one is live!
RFB: Dude its alternating current! It does not matter which is what.
SA: But one of them is neutral and one is live!
RFB: And one is earth! So basically using a tester you can tell which one is live.

RFB: Alternating current!
SA: What is it actually?
RFB: The current changes direction.
SA: Current is essentially electrons flow! So does it mean the electrons go back and forth?
RFB: Does that make a lot of sense? I think its a SINE wave!
SA: Yeh! Thinking of sin (wt)… Function of time!
RFB: So it is like an electron at a given point, oscillates. And the magnitude of oscillation is governed by that function!
SA: Yeh, something like that man!

RFB: Man! This is difficult. I can never go back to engineering now!
SA: What man!
RFB: Dude! Lets just get the TV repaired before the IPL gets over!

Shock laga laga laga shock laga!



6 thoughts on “#249 The farzi engineers strike again!

  1. You do know the difference between AC and DC current right? AC can jump right over minor obstacles like capacitors (because of the sine curve) while DC has to try to run right through them. Thus, if you want to use electricity for practical uses, you must use AC. So that current must be AC.

    1. Power Magazine, Dept of Electrical Engg IIT Kharagpur?
      :) Nice old joke…
      Its basically the one that talks about AC going through capacitors and DC going through Inductors~ ::P LOL

  2. LOL, reminds me of the time two farzi engineers I knew dismantled and re-assembled a pedestal fan. The darn fan worked, but two nuts were left out – wonder what they were attached to …

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