#248 Clean

After a long procrastination I could tick off a lot of tasks today. Feeling good about that, and feeling very clean about that!

  • Nailed the door stopper to the door, without a hammer. Basically just screwed it in! No more banging of the door due to the breeze. To give you a little background, I stay on the 11th floor of a building whose base is more than 2000 ft above sea level. Wonderful view of Pune city and perhaps the best breeze in the world, others’ envy, my pride!
  • Got the leaking pipe fixed! Getting a plumber was easier than I thought.
  • Cleaned the kitchen! Every platform, every utensil, every cabinet is now shining!

This is nice… gives a sense of satisfaction…

Suddenly there are things to look forward to:

  • Watch 99 on Sunday with friends…
  • Receive Roshnai on next Saturday…
  • Attend AR Rahman’s Concert on the last Sunday…

Hmmmm… Hmmmmmmm… Hmmmmmmmmm…


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