#247 Awww Deee Cold Coffeee in the life of RFB!

October 2008, Evanston
RFB: Vada paav, Pune!
Guru: You should go to Durga, its a tiny restaurant near MIT in Kothrud! Their cold coffee is reallllllly good!

Some days later, October 2008, Chicago
After the world premier of ‘
Truth in 24’
RFB: Awesome!
RBM: Brilliant!

May 2009, Pune
RFB: Lassi is awesome!
Mr Bean: Go to Durga for an awesome cold coffee!
Lara: Durga’s cold coffee is awesome!! Also try Cadby.

RFB: Bunty, lets go for cold coffee at Durga’s!
Bunty: Chalo Chalo
RFB: Chalo!
Bunty: Abhi nahin yaar… thoda kaam hai!
RBM: Lets go!

Some days later, May 2009, Pune
RFB and RBM… on the way to Durga’s… Honda Activa… Gen NXT helmet straight from World War I…

JM Road…
Bright red lights from the rear of the car ahead of him amaze him. RFB keeps staring at them with “Aww”… as if he has never seen something curvier or redder than them! The curvy red lights come closer to the Activa. Millimetres apart:
Activa: Skreeeeeeeeeeeeech!
RFB: Oh I am sorry. I was staring at those red lights, they were looking awesome. I just didn’t realise that those red lights meant that the car was braking!
RBM: It’s ok! Be careful…

Few meters later, Activa goes past the car with curvy red ass…
RVM: Objects in the mirror are closer than the appear! 4 circles in series, chained to each other!
RBM: Audi!!
RFB: Awesome!

Few kilometers later, Activa goes past a red light…
Mamu: Baju mein aaja.
BRY: Abbe bhaag, woh fine lagaega!
RVM: Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. Duplicate mamu in bluish grey pants!
Activa: Vrrrrroooooooooooooooooooom!

Few turns later…
RFB: There we are!
RBM: Where?
RFB: Finally! But why is this called ‘Bar and Restaurant’? Are we at the right place?
RBM: Darya!
RFB: Oh freak! I read this Durga!

Few meters ahead…
RFB: Durga! Here it is!
RBM: This is shady! But look at the crowd!

Finally in Durga…
RFB: Bhaiyya Menu?
Bhaiyya: No menu, main hoon!
RFB: Kya hai?
Bhaiyya: Omelette, bhurji, misal…
RFB: Do cold coffee le aao.
Bhaiyya: Cold coffee ka paisa pehle dene ka.

20 rupees and 5 minutes later…
RFB: Awesome! Lived up to expectations!
RBM: Wow!
RFB: Its so homely!
RBM: Yeh!

RFB dials…
RFB: Hey!
Bunty: Hey!
RFB: Kothrud or Kondhwa?
Bunty: Nahin yaar… abhi Koregaon Park.
RFB: Kya yaar… soch rahe the mil lete! Khair…
Bunty: Chalo enjoy buddy!

A couple of cold coffees and misal later…
RFB: Lets the go!
RBM: Lets the go! After some weeks you will also be either in Kondhwa or Pashan… it would be impossible to meet you then!
RFB: Errr!

A couple of turns later…
RFB: Lets go to Jhed Bridge!
RBM: Ok!
RFB: This bridge first goes parallel to the river, then crosses it perpendicular, then goes parallel again! Z!
RBM: So does the river change its course?
RFB: Bleh!!

A few hours later…
SA: Fatty!
RFB: Hey… how was your trip to Mumbai, how was your paper?
SA: Man! Mumbai is so shady! People everywhere, bazaars everywhere… in those narrow lanes there are those tons of people, hundreds of honking taxis and couple of chics moving around! Man! It was all so shady! Oh Man!
RFB: Pune is cool man! Come, lets have Roohafza…

Bleh~ :)

[The characters and dialogues in this blog have not been altered to make it better to read. Though, permission has not been taken to publish any of these conversations. I hope they don’t mind :)]

RVM: Rear View Mirror
BRY: Benevolent Random Youth



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