#246 Life in slow motion…

So a few months back, a very slow motion element came in our lives…

Day 76: In the kitchen…
SloMo takes a dish and goes on piling papaya slices on it. 1… 2… 3… 45… 46… 47… I am still happily brewing Bru so that I wake up. The other activity goes on… I am watching… 68… 69… 70…

Looks like the plate is filled. Or no? There is space for more. Have you seen this fevicol ad…


As many can cling to the base, should cling!!

So the plate now stacked up with papayas looked pretty much like this. Obviously SloMo was unable to lift it! Pointing at the plate and then pointing at his hand, he gestures that I should lift the mammoth and place it in his hands… Got it!

Day 128: In the kitchen…
I am brewing my favourite Bru and SloMo is there again, and so is papaya!
So, SloMo takes a plate, and this time in his hand and starts picking up papaya slices one by one, keeping them on his plate. Soon he realises that the plate is full and he cannot lift any more… Disappointed, he walks off with fewer slices of his favourite papaya!

Fools learn from their own mistakes,
Wise men, from others!

Had read this in childhood!

I wonder how slow it will move when it has to go under maintan’s (Integral #233)?



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