#236 SKK, Airtel Sucks

About July second week, 2008, Corinthians Club Pune, these two guys come to sell Airtel Corporate User Group plans to me and my colleagues who have just joined the company. They offer a nice plan and all that looks pretty satisfactory. Of course, in a bid to completely satisfy the consumer, they activate the SIM cards very soon too!

A few days later…
Seasons Apt, Koregaon Park Pune,  and network signal disappears everywhere in the building except the balcony. Same is the case in office, Magarpatta… A few more days later…
New flat on the top floor, Kondhwa Pune, and there is just 50% signal anywhere in the house. Zero network coverage in the toilets (“The human brain works best in the toilet”… but never-the-mind).

I was fed up. I decided to move over from Airtel to long trusted Vodafone. If you do not remember, this was exactly the reason why I had given up Airtel after using it for 6 months in 2005. I had moved on to Hutch and then Vodafone and was extremely happy with their services ( I had also got a friend-for-life-free number dialling facility to any one number).

After some delays in verification of my address proof, I was active on Vodafone. The very next day (sometime in August) I went to Airtel office and asked them to cancel the number. If you happen to be an Airtel Executive, please note my Airtel number 97325-24449.

I realised, for the first time, that getting rid of something was more difficult than procuring it! A few days later I get a call from Airtel customer care asking me detailed reasons for my application to close the connection. I told them that I was terribly unhappy by the pathetic network coverage in Pune. I also told them that I am very happy with Vodafone and that they should discontinue my Airtel service right away. They offered me two months of free rental and asked me to continue using the service. I denied. The phone call ended.

Next month, I flew to US. I was in the US for about 3 months. During this time, my mom got infinite phone calls from Airtel customer care asking her to pay my outstanding bills! So why did she get calls? Cos in the Airtel application form I had mentioned her number as my alternate contact number. Do you remember Airtel had given me two months of free rental?? Yet I had about Rs 700 due to them. God knows how!

I am back in December end and the first thing I do is go to Airtel office once again! By now, I have a due of Rs 1200. I go and tell them that my application for cancellation was not respected and in spite of that I was sent bills each month. Once again, I got a call from Airtel customer care. This time again they offered me two months of free rental and I again denied their offer. I even told them straight away that I wont be paying the Rs 1200 due cause I had asked for cancellation long back. Ever since I have got Vodafone, I have never even touched the Airtel SIM card and not made a single phone call. I even wrote a mail to Airtel asking them to disconnect my service. I also gave them a warning to stop calling my mom on the alternate number.

By February, neither me nor my mom would get any phone calls. Out of curiosity I just checked the front desk at office for any mails or bills and was surprised to see the Airtel bill for February! What was ever more surprising, was the fact that they had nullified all my previous dues and restarted billing. Now I owe Airte Rs 250 as the rent for February!

Would someone explain me what is happening here? My complaint number is: 17987965 and Airtel just does not want to disconnect my service! Why do they need so many reasons to stop their service? If they are quick to give connections, why are they not respecting my decision to stop my post paid service? As a consumer don’t I have the right to choose the service provider of my choice? If I want to discontinue with Airtel why do I need to give them any reason?

Airtel sucks! So I decided to tag this blog post with SKK. To know what it stands for, please contact me personally!



7 thoughts on “#236 SKK, Airtel Sucks

  1. i got some prob in my airtel…in my mobile daily 1 sms will cum that the model of the the day subcriber…..1 day i got the a mesge that ur subcription wil b rnewed after 2 days…….and after 2 days my 50rs gone…..everytime i call the cutmor care they r not taking the phone….plz help me.i am from kerala….

  2. I can bet the 10th grade student know better English and having a good communication skill then the customer service officer of Airtel.

    Because these people do not know other than
    1. We completely understand your concern and sincerely apologize for any difficulty caused to you

    2. We would like to inform you that your concern has once again been forwarded to the respective department.

    3. We deeply regret for the delay in responding your mail.

  3. hmmm i knw…airtel is amazingly bugging…even i faced a lot of probs and was forced to switch over to vodafone…i just hope vodafone doesnt have similar probs later on coz thr wudnt be any other sensible service provider left then…

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