#235 ‘Looky looky’ at the moon…

My first attempt at trying out time lapse photography at the moon…


Exposure: 1.6 sec
Aperture: f / 5.6
Focal length: 21.8 mm






Exposure: 2 sec
Aperture: f / 3.5
Focal length: 16 mm






Exposure: 2.5 sec
Aperture: f / 6.3
Focal length: 15.1 mm





None of the photographs have been photoshopped.



3 thoughts on “#235 ‘Looky looky’ at the moon…

  1. I didnt get this, u took foto from same location with the cam fixed (at same focal length, aperture etc) in a time series (at regular intervals) and super imposed all on each other is it?
    As in thats wat i understand of Time lapse snaps.

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