#230 The Famous ‘Fa’ Theory v2.0

Thanks Bhargav for reminding me about it, and Sudeep for your quick comment, Therefore I update this blog…

What is so great about Fa?

I am not talking about the roll-on deodorant you apply in your armpits… It is the number of stops from Andheri to Mahim Zunction, yes, Mahim Zunction. Mahim is a zunction of a zunction. It has a Western Line, and a Central Line and oh yes, Harbar Line.

So that eternal number is what common people know as 5! 5… Go stand in front of a mirror in your bathroom and looking at your mouth in the mirror say it 5 times without pausing and all you will hear is Fa!

So the Fa rules of Fa are as follows:
1) Always 5 = Fa!

2) Any number can be written in terms of Fa… you know how?
1 = Fa / Fa
2 = Fa / Fa + Fa / Fa
3 = Fa – (Fa / Fa + Fa / Fa)
4 = Fa – Fa/Fa
100 = Fa * Fa * (Fa – Fa/Fa)
etc, you get it?

3) Square root of Twenty Fa is NOT Fa.
It is  plus o’ minus Fa!

4) 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * Fa = Fa! (Fa factorial)

5) Rule number Fa is itself, Fa~

This is dedicated to Chandu :)

all those who remember the days, will now say “Fa!”



4 thoughts on “#230 The Famous ‘Fa’ Theory v2.0

  1. Hey Adi… thats like it! so the Famous Fa theory is spreading via your blogs.

    Yes you are really correct in setting the rules of the Fa theory.

    I would like to add just one more

    so if we want to write just the number 5(five) in sentence we say Fa!
    so 55 = Fa!Fa!
    and 555 = Fa!Fa!Fa!
    The element boron has Fa! atomic number. and so on

    ok so using this new addition we have

    (Fa!Fa!)*(Fa*[Fa/Fa + Fa/Fa]) + Fa = Fa!Fa!Fa!

    Long Live Chandu……..

    U should also write sumthing about
    Paraaaaaaaaaaaas Mambreeeeeeeeeeeeeey

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