#229 Fa * Fa = Twenty Fa

The Integral now has over 25,000 visitors since I started keeping a count (~late 2006 / early 2007). The blog has been up here since Feb 2008 and existed on Blogspot (http://adityamarathe.blogspot.com) since April 2005. Visitors: 25,000 +, Comments:  600 +, Blog posts 229 (including this one)…
Thank you so much everyone who read and who commented, who argued and who enjoyed, who hated and who loved my blog :)


7 thoughts on “#229 Fa * Fa = Twenty Fa

  1. hello adi

    Nice that u have titled this blog on the Famous Fa theory,,, It is one of the leading Number theory …… Keep Blogging!

  2. Hi Aditya

    The count is really high and the reason is you write the truth i.e. what u have seen or faced .. I always appreciate this as I believe these things help a person to know what he /she actually is and also it makes others understand the same,,.

    So keep posting!!


  3. The best thing about your blog is that u write stuff from ur perspective…so ur posts reflect the person that u really r and not wat u want to be…keep it up and keep blogging :)

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