#218 A day in the life of a round, fat boy

Some time back…

RFB: So where are you from, originally?
Ji: I was born in a city in mid-west China, called Xian.
RFB: Oh! I have just started reading a book ‘Shadow of the Silk Road’. It starts in Xian. China is amazing.

Some time before that…

Matt: So why aren’t you eating eel?
Saunvit: I am particular about certain fishes. I don’t eat mammals.
RFB: Eel is amazing.
Matt: But eel isn’t a mammal.
Saunvit: I am very particular about which fish to eat and which not to eat.
Matt: What has it got to do with being a mammal? But I would find it gross.
Saunvit: In Korea they offered me pork.
RFB: Pork is amazing.
Matt: I don’t even consider chicken as meat, its vegetables. In Kansas we eat steak.
Saunvit: I miss soju.
RFB: Soju is amazing.
Ji: Hey, everything is amazing for you!

Some time before that…

William: Tickets please.
RFB: I ran out of my 10-ride ticket.
William: So tomorrow morning you buy it. In the evening I will punch two holes in your card. Don’t buy a ticket today.
RFB: That’s amazing.

Some time before that…

SXR: Are you gonna travel by train?
RFB: Yeh.
: It’s cold.
RFB: The cold is amazing.

Some time before that…

Guru: I am not gonna forgive you for bringing me to this cafeteria.
RFB: I am sorry, but is that all you’re gonna eat?
Joe: This fish is good.
RFB: Is it amazing?
Guru: It has lead and mercury.
RFB: Mercury? Amazing.
Joe: There is no mercury. This fish is good for heart and cholesterol.
Guru: It wont matter what you eat. One day a truck will just run over you.

Some time before that…

Lady: Can you toss the omelette like her?
RFB: Ofcourse. I do it all the time.
Lady: I can never do it. She is amazing.

The lady at the hot bar in the cafeteria was crestfallen when RFB said that he could toss the omelette as well as her. She did not thank him. If he could not appreciate it, I wish RFB had not said that.
I wish I wasn’t RFB.

[The characters and dialogues in this blog have not been altered to make it better to read. Though, permission has not been taken to publish any of these conversations. I hope they don’t mind. Everyone I met today was amazing :)]



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