#204 The Big Bang? What is it?

About a decade ago, this was one of the hottest topics of discussion and it always seemed to impress me whenever I read about it. US was preparing to land on Mars, Stephen Hawking was getting popular by the day with his book A Brief History of Time, I was just beginning to study the intricacies of Physics in high school…

Those were the days when anything and everything on the universe and the mysteries that surround it impressed me and I began questioning things at face. I started questioning everything from something as small as ‘why would the earth go around the sun’ to as big as ‘what is the significance of my existence in this universe’. I know everybody cannot think about these things, but they broke my peace some years back.

I began reading and trying to understand physics and more particularly astrophysics. Stephen Hawkings, Roger Penrose, Lawrence Krauss… The more I read, the more questions seemed unanswered to me. Not that these questions seemed unanswered, they in fact seemed unanswerable. It was then that I decided to start writing something about the mysteries which I could not understand. I would approach my parents an teachers, but they could not help find an answer for me. I was stuck…

Today the same questions are popping up in my head. With the Big Bang experiment being carried out by CERN, I see a brand new interest being generated in astrophysics and physics of the unseen, unknown powers of the universe. There would be a whole new generation that took birth in the last decade or so that has not been exposed to these terms, this excitement and this mystery.

The questions I had are still unanswered and I really dont think it is in the scope of mankind to find answers to these questions…

You can check out the following link to go through my unanswered questions and my beliefs in those tracks… I think it was pretty childish.



Click here to follow news about the Big Bang Experiment at CERN



2 thoughts on “#204 The Big Bang? What is it?

  1. i appreciate your views aditya, similar thing’s happened with me, always curious about mysterious things, what could be more mysterious than the vast universe…??

    But it makes you think more about the matter, when you don’t know what to do or whom to approach, when people around us are so unaware about so many things.

    i would like to join this discussion more often.


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