#203 Rains and Green Hills…

Words would not be sufficient to explain the sight of this mesmerizing dance of nature, the dance that I have been seeing for the last few days right form the window of my room. It is the brilliance of a monsoon shower that links so many things together, sort of weaves the nature together in one picture perfect slideshow.

The thirsty earth waiting to get wet under the shower… The flow of clouds, dark and frightening that cover her just as a mother would cuddle her child… The unleashing of rain that merges the sky with the earth… The sunshine after the rain in which the birds come back to twitter…

Of the little that I read in school, only one poem comes to my mind at such moments…

Shravan maasi, harsha manasi,
Hirwad daate chohikade,
Kshanat yete sar sar shirve,
Kshanat firuni uun pade,
Warati baghta indra dhanucha,
Gof duheri winlase,
Mangal toran kaay bandhile,
Nabo mandapee kuni bhase,
Jhalasa suryast watato,
Saanj ahaha to ughade,
Taru shikharawar uncha gharawar
piwale piwale uun pade…..

And it was almost twice as much as I remember so far…

This poem in Marathi by Balkavi… captures the scene in just the perfect words, here is what it means in English:

In monsoon, there is happiness and greenary everywhere…
The shower comes in a jiffy… and the sun shines back in a jiffy…
As we look up we see the rainbow, making a double layered garland…
It looks as a very auspicious decoration of a place…
As the sun is about to set, the clouds open up…
The yellow sun lights up the peaks of hills and tops of high houses

Just when the clouds were building up…

And then what happened? Click to find out :)

And slowly the entire city is under their sheet…

And they bring the shower with them…

And it makes the whole city wet in moments…

And as they go, the sky opens up, the sunlight falls on the land…

And the rainbow peeps out of the clouds… bringing a smile to everyone watching this dance of nature… :)

Here is the entire poem in Marathi:

श्रावणमासी हर्षमानसी हिरवळ दाटे चोहिकडे
क्षणात येती सरसर शिरवे क्षणात फिरुनी ऊन पडे
वरती बघता इंद्रधनुचा गोफ दुहेरी विणलासे
मंगल तोरण काय बांधले नभोमंडपी कुणी भासे

झालासा सूर्यास्त वाटतो, सांज -अहाहा तो उघडे
तरुशिखरांवर उंच घरांवर पिवळे पिवळे ऊन पडे
उठती वरती जलदांवरती अनंत संध्याराग पहा
सर्व नभावर होय रोखिले सुंदरतेचे रुप महा

बलाकमाला उडता भासे कल्पसुमांची माळचि ते
उतरुनि येती अवनीवरती ग्रहगोलचि की एकमते
फडफड करुनि भिजले अपुले पंख पाखरे सावरती
सुंदर हरिणी हिरव्या कुरणी निजबाळांसह बागडती

खिल्लारे ही चरती रानी गोपही गाणी गात फिरे
मंजूळ पावा गाई तयांचा श्रावण महिमा एकसुरे
सुवर्ण चंपक फुलला विपिनी रम्य केवडा दरवळला
पारिजातही बघता भामा रोष मनीचा मावळला
सुंदर परडी घेऊनि हाती पुरोपकंठी शुध्दमती
सुंदर बाला या फुलमाला रम्य फुले पत्री खुडती
देवदर्शना निघती ललना हर्ष मावे ना हृदयात
वदनी त्यांच्या वाचून घ्यावे श्रावण महिन्याचे गीत



8 thoughts on “#203 Rains and Green Hills…

  1. Great pictures, brought back fond memories of Pune. Its such a beautiful place. Rains in Pune always reminded me of home i.e Gangtok. So I always loved it. It was a great consolation when I was homesick.

  2. Rain makes me very nostalgic. Whenever I look out of the window and see rainfall, my mind wanders.

    Although rainbows are always magical to witness! Cant help feeling happy whenever I see one :)

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