#199 De-caffeinated!

It just happened starting a few weeks back, that I started consuming too much of coffee with the aim to stay awake in the afternoon training sessions at job. Before this, I would never touch coffee, tea or any aerated drink after 3 or 4 pm. Caffeine, as I knew it, would affect my sleep and wont let me sleep the whole night. I would invariably wriggle left and right on the bed, or go to the fridge looking for something to eat. Caffeine was bad for me after the noon! That was not to be anymore.

The more I started to consume coffees through the day, my resistance increased. I started enjoying coffee at anytime of the day, be it morning or night. And I had all forms of coffees, black, espresso, latte, cappuccino, you name it and I’d have it. And I was lovin’ it!

A 100 ml coffee serving would shoot about 60 to 200 mg caffeine in my blood. Soon thanks to some quality browsing on the net for other medical ailments I could be suffering from, I realised that for me to be stable, I would have to reduce caffeine and bring it to as low a level as possible. Caffeine has adverse effect on body during common cold conditions, however some studies indicate an improved lung functioning on intake of caffeine. Also, for GERD and other related problems, it would be best to avoid caffeine on the whole.

So as of today, I am down from 4 cups of coffee to 4 cups of tea. Now I wont say that tea has no caffeine, but a 100 ml serving of black tea shoots anything from just 7.5 to a maximum of 30 mg of caffeine (the lowest being for green tea). Now, also, hot black tea with some minced ginger works wonders for common cold :) Green tea also provides lots of antioxidants to the body and if taken almost regularly all through the life, will increase your life span substantially (Sep 13, 2006: Journal of AMA).

So I would now like to move on from a day of coffee’d caffeine, to a day of tea’d caffeine… and the humble varieties would include: black tea, cardamom tea, ginger tea, and lemon tea and hopefully green tea very soon! For green tea, I’d have to carry my own tea bags, but that is not a problem.

Enough of it for now, but I’d be glad to see more of you on the other side of the caffeine chain :)

The Integral trivia: Though the post is numbered 199, it is the 200th post on my blog. One of the posts (between 150 and 151) was not numbered. Is this time to celebrate? Well, I’d just wanna go on and on and never stop.



4 thoughts on “#199 De-caffeinated!

  1. I have never been a coffee-lover.. In fact coffee(with milk) at odd times of the day gives me heartburn..
    Always had a thing for tea.. And yes,i have taken up to drinking green-tea recently.. Reason being,it raises metabolism and thus helps in weight loss.. :P
    And yeah,i carry my green tea-bags or rather have stored a box full in my drawer for use in the office.. :)

  2. I am not much of a tea or coffee person.. can have either if offered and how many times offered if i need not make the cup…congratulations on being the author of 200 posts! :)

  3. hmm..thankfully im not addicted to either tea or coffee…not having either in a day doesn’t make me crave for it…actually i always unconsciously believed my grandma’s saying that caffeine makes ur skin tanned so i tried avoiding it as much as i cud :P

  4. I have been drinking two cups of coffee everyday in office for reasons very similar to yours. I have always loved coffee, but this post has made me rethink. May be I should do some research on ill effects of coffee.

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