#196 Meow

Now don’t get too surprised, cos I am not talking about 104.8 FM MEOW!!!!

Since last few days, surprisingly, a couple of cats have been showing up the door of my apartment. One of them, a white one, just comes there, sits and keeps ‘meowing’ till I open the door.

She is cute, and clean :) And loves a bit of fondling [well who doesnt!]… and then its time for her summersaults… She is cute… I’ll miss her when I go to Pune…

“Main hoon Don!”

“Aur aap?”

“It Tickles…~~”



6 thoughts on “#196 Meow

  1. i dnt like cats much but ya i wnt mind them if u wanna keep these cute ones as ur pet…i like puppies better…dogs have gt a better personality than cats…cats think a lot bout themselves i think…anyway keep blogging dumbhead!!!

  2. OMG… Is that really her!?

    I have to say, She is Extremely Cute! and friendly one too!..
    A very cute dirty-black colored cat stays below my apartment. I’ve been trying to be friends with her, but she is kinda shy.

  3. Caught up with u after a long long time!! you had left a comment on one of my poems, and I happened to read it again today.. Nice to see this new blog.. the kitty is really sweet, though i am not quite a cat person myself..

  4. o….sooo swettt…..MEOW FM has another competitor LOL! and yeah….hawww…..I thgt it was a ladies chanel only!!! Vry Bad bro :P

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