#194 Like A Child

It takes a sub conscious mind to reach the point of thoughts where you are yourself, where you are Just Yourself and nothing else, and there is nobody around. No sounds you can hear, no smells you can smell, nothing. It is just you and the vastness of the cosmos.

It takes nothing but music to move you, nothing but innocence to touch you.

We (me and Unitechy ) were on a Photowalk… and planned to cross the southern end from Gateway of India, to Nariman Point. Things somehow went the other way when we discovered a few kids, getting themselves dirty, learning stuff and enjoying themselves…

We decided to “look into the matter”…


Thats the link, so check it out :)



5 thoughts on “#194 Like A Child

  1. In a child’s eyes everything there is to see should be touched, felt, and experienced. Though fears get through their minds because adults told them so. An innocent resemblance of what humans should be can be seen in one child’s eyes. I always believe when you look straight to the eye of someone you’ll see it’s brain and how it’s working. Through that, understanding one’s culture was easier but never a final conclusion of what a person is.

    That’s just a thought from a wanderer…

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