#189 Who, What and Why: A Disclaimer

Simply, I am a 23 yr old guy, recently graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Born in Baroda, Gujarat, I’ve spent a considerable number of years staying in Baroda, Bombay and Kharagpur. I do not know what my native place is and where I belong. I speak many languages and love to think a lot and write a few things.

I have mostly written about things around me, and my life. I have written about people and places, posted photographs, incidents, talks, memories and feelings in general. I shall continue doing so as and when I get the time and opportunity for the same. Little things matter a lot to me, and many of my posts are inspired by little incidents. I write what I feel and am convinced about. I have not hurt any one through my writings and if I have, I wish they communicate with me personally.

I write a blog because I feel it is a good record of what I felt or thought at a particular time. I write a blog because I love to share most of my feelings with anyone willing to read me. I wish to show to the world, the people and places I come across, because everyone may not be fortunate enough to do the same.

In the last three years, I have written almost 190 blog posts, got more than 500 comments on them and have had about 15,000 visits. People have liked my blog posts and written me encouraging comments. People have criticized my writing, laughed at me, written sarcastic and teasing comments. I have not stopped blogging and would continue blogging, still blogging about what I feel, what I see and what I interpret of the life I see in and around me.

I do not see blogs as a way of social networking, but knowing different types of people through this platform of social expression is good. I have come across some really nice people and some absolutely horrible people. But that is the way it would always be~

I would not force you to like my blog. The way I feel about things, you may feel differently. You may or may not agree to what I write. I am thankful to the handful of regular readers that I have, and their comments often help me improve or edit my posts to make them more readable. If you wish to clarify something, disagree about something I have written and would like me to understand your point of view, or any type of communication, the best way to get me talking is by writing a comment on the relevant post, or just sending me an email!

Thank You.



3 thoughts on “#189 Who, What and Why: A Disclaimer

  1. hi motu

    continue writing bolgs.it has even inspired me to write and post blogs.There has been occasions when i had wanted to share my feelings but knew no way of it.thaks yar……

    all the best..

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