#183 Kolkata Phototour

Kolkata Phototour

Date: May 13th, 2008
Camera: Sony DSC-H1

Route: Maidan-Victoria-Babu Ghat-Howrah-Babu Ghat-Esplanade

Rabindranath Tagore’s memorablia in front of Elliot Park, Chowringhee.

Birla Planetarium from Chowringhee. Seen behind it is St Paul’s Cathedral and in front is Indira Gandhi’s statue.

Maidan in front of Victoria Memorial. Far away are the flood lights of Eden Gardens getting ready for the IPL match.

Vidyasagar Setu: The new bridge over Hoogly. Lovely architecture.

Horses and Ponies at Maidan.

Magnificent Victoria Memorial.

Stalls to cool the customers on a hot afternoon in summer.

Front facade of Victoria Memorial.

Ghoda Gaadi :)

Inside the ferry from Babu Ghat to Howrah.

On the ferry to Howrah.

All so magnificient Howrah Bridge.

“Ferry us across the river.”


Millions cross the bridge everyday, either in a bus or on foot. Thousands cross this bridge everyday on their way to calling Kolkata their new home.

Howrah Station. One of the oldest railway station complexes in India.

The Howrah Ferry Wharf.

The end of it with an awesome Lebu-Chaa (Lemon Tea).



7 thoughts on “#183 Kolkata Phototour

  1. Hey….don’t tell me u roam the whole of kolkata just clicking pics.. that too in a day?? mann u re just great…

  2. heyyyy the pics are lovely and uve captioned them so well…bt dats so much like my baby…so u went all the way from ur home to howrah?? wowww some tempo man…enjoy urself be happy :)

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