#182 Been there, Done that… Have you?

In the last 23 years and a half… in no particular order as such…

I have:

  1. Been to a ground altitude of more than 12,000 feet.
  2. Felt what –20 C is and what 50 C is.
  3. Played snow ball fight and made snow man in the snow.
  4. Put ice cubes in my aaji’s (grandma’s) saari.
  5. Traveled in a train at more than 300 km per hour.
  6. Eaten one litre of ice cream in one go.
  7. Watched an international cricket match at the stadium.
  8. Lived at ‘home’ in almost 4 different cities.
  9. Traveled 25,000 km in India within one year.
  10. Thrown a duster at a friend’s head [:(]
  11. Dreamt that I have killed someone and am running away from police.
  12. Got dead scared on seeing a snake on the street while cycling.
  13. Have played more than 10 different types of computer cricket games.
  14. Stood first in a metro city in an interschool competition.
  15. Made a sincere attempt to learn 7 languages. Achieved fluency and reading / writing ability in 4. Can understand and read / write two more languages and mastered the script of a seventh language.
  16. Ancestral roots in Greece as much as in India.
  17. Fallen in love with a song which nobody amongst my acquaintances knew that far.
  18. Played over arm bowling cricket in a space of less than 50 feet by 15 feet.
  19. Played a cricket match of 0.3 overs.
  20. Done underwater swimming in a run off stream.
  21. Slept for 16 hours at a stretch.
  22. Done a self inspired research on rain mud (kichad) thinking it to be quick sand while I was in class 2.
  23. Met two internationally acclaimed astrophysicists.
  24. Shouted out "Daaku Mangal Singh" at a passing tractor’s driver.
  25. Seen a perfect sunrise from the sea.
  26. Jumped off the cycle after throttling it to full speed, thinking myself to be Amitabh Bachchan.
  27. Walked all the way from home (Andheri) to Siddhivinayak Temple (Dadar) on foot before my Class 10 results.
  28. Loved someone more than anything else ever, and still do :)
  29. Got the lowest marks in the class in drawing, and still was the only student from the entire school to win a prize at an interschool drawing competition.
  30. Been a troop leader in school scouts.
  31. Written a blog with more than 180 posts, received more than 480 comments and 13,000 visitors.
  32. Owned a web domain, and still do.
  33. The ability to eat food with chopsticks.
  34. Had a crush on a class teacher in school.
  35. Been to an international cricketer’s house.
  36. Eaten pork intestines.
  37. Drunk rice beer.
  38. Traveled 420 km in a bus in four and half hours.
  39. Watched a 3D movie in a cinema hall.
  40. Been to watch a movie all alone.

Well there certainly should be many more in this list, just that I dont remember them :)

You may send any clarifications at aditya@aditto.info



7 thoughts on “#182 Been there, Done that… Have you?

  1. Hey Adittto, can’t imagine u jumpin from ur speedy bicycle… stunt u….. lol:P… and guess wat?? me tryin to eat with chopsticks just fro the fun of it, and its quite interesting….

  2. one thing i remember doing in my life is being your neighbor for almost three years. and i think its more difficult than all the things you listed in this post :P

  3. hehehhee so much like u…and i actually know so many of them as uve told me….nd as usual superb memory…i dnt even remember half the things that ive done in my life so far…amazing yaar and so nicely documented :) missing u and our daily chats and meetings…keep blogging regularly keeps me updated bout u…

  4. Literally Aditya Bro…Pork Intestines…eewww…and BTW, which international cricketers home??

    And hey…ur li’l sis is angry that u aren’t keeping in touch :(

    Hope to hear frm u soon!

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