#180 Load characteristics of an average IITian

I had to change the title of my post after a lot of complaining comments :( I hope I am not misleading my readers any more :(

Here I would like to present, to the delight or the headache of most of my friends, the Load Characteristics of an average student at IIT Kharagpur.

Load‘ is the measure of weight borne for a trouble or a difficult concern. It is normally used in sentences such as…
“Abbe tu exam ka load kyun le raha hai?”
“Abbe tere life mein bandi (gf) ka load chal raha hai kya?”

Normally it is measured in indefinite nouns such as…
Hoohaa Peace” = Absoultely no load
Peace” = No load
Load” = Nominal load
Hoohaa Load” = Major load

At times, some people become ‘load’ benchmarks. Lets say if there is this girl called “Dipika” (name and sex changed for privacy) who is well known for taking ‘load’ on most trivial matters… then load can be quantified in terms of ‘Dipika’…
1 Dipika
10 Dipikas
1/2 Dipika, etc

The few loads commonly experienced by all students on this campus are:
Academic Load
Hall (hostel) Load
and Future Load (Job / CAT / GRE)

There are many other loads which are not really experienced by everyone in general. Those may be:
Bandi Load,
Project Guide Load,
Exam Passing or SQ Load,
Irritating Room-mates Load, etc.

All these loads lead to a common result, Frustration.
When a guy is ‘loaded’ with Frustration, he gets ‘frust‘.

I have just made a little graph to show the common tendencies. Orange, Blue, and Green are respectively Academic, Hall and Future Loads. At the top of them is the Black line showing Frustration levels. These graphs are plotted as functions of time.

Key observations:
Orange: Check out the spikes… the small ones and the big ones
Green: The huge drop after the tallest peak…
Black: Ever increasing…

Is this the same for an average engineer as well?


19 thoughts on “#180 Load characteristics of an average IITian

  1. hi,
    i was stupified to read that iitians think they r superior or different from an average engineer. i must confess i think all engineers are the same.and all of them ..or almost all of them end up doing software jobs, something they were nt supposed to do in the first place.i mean, do you need to read electrical engg. for 4 years to work in oracle or even microsoft?surely these guys shud be diploma holders?those in the core also do not get into the really challenging aspects of the industry. so i think an iitian engineer is just that….a glorified diploma.i must admit that i appreciate those that work on their own subject and excel, but exactly how many of such guys and gals are there is open to debate.and i also have some hints of how the iits function….the iit system, they say is nothing but a farce, the teachers are sub intelligent,the infra poorer by the day and the admin corrrrrupt from top to bottom.

    its high time the students started doing something really constructive than thinking themselves superior to an average indian engineer and then working as a technocoolie under a foreigner who considers them similiarly.why not have your own thoughts and ideas and work on them rather than 3rg gen coding on second gen software on a first gen platform?why not make that platform youself?

    i m sorry if i trod roughshod on some frail egos….but a spade is a spade…

    by the way i m not a general engineer,nor an iitian engineer….i just save lives.

  2. hey cool article…i appreciate ur sense of humour…the way u hav incoporated humour n sumthin heavy as load is gr8…n it happens wid average engineer as well being a first year engineer student i agree with the first part of the graph completely rest of the part i will realise later

  3. @bharti, pranav, baggu, aditya (2)…
    Thanks :)

    no i dont have bandi load… fortunately :) and thanks to u :)

    the title has been modified :)

    Thanks, btw inter halls are inter hostel competitions in which second yrs are forced to participate in bulk

    oh i almost forgot about it. I think it relates somewhat to frust curve, maybe, maybe not

    Thanks, and no comments on who saiki is.. oops sorry who dipika is… :)

    i hope you read the previous reply to abhinav :)

  4. Nice post. Very much matches the real observations. Btw, actual “Dipika” is Saikiran, the one who has posted 3rd comment. And his load curves significantly deviate from the average observations.
    Does this article have anything to with your BTP? The “load characteristics” seems very “electrical engg” thing.

  5. Nice post man :) from an average NIT perspective, it does hold to quite an extent (i dont know wat an interhall is) and mid-term spikes r negligible :P

  6. Marathe !

    Nice one :).

    You can include one more curve there , the extent of joblessness. That sure will overshoot in the end

  7. hehe nice one :) but ya i agree with bharti…wen i read the blog title i expected something else to be there…the “average engineer” part is
    misleading…else its fab!!! yo baby…

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