#179 The Season of Ants

Antzzzzzzzz Oh what a mania they are, especially in this place Kgp, and more so in the season of summer that comes right after spring. They are just everywhere. Outside my room, inside my room, on the walls, on the floor, on the clothes, inside them too, on the monitor, inside the cpu, keyboard, plug points, everywhere…

What is it with ants and summer? Why dont they just die?

It so happened I still remember in first year of college. I had a big spacious clean and bright room all for myself. But there were ants too! Would you believe what all I’d do to keep them away from my bed? They would just creep up the legs of the bd, on to my bedding and inside my clothes. Nights were horrible. Sometimes I used to put Lakshman Rekha (ant killing chalk powder) around the bed’s legs. At times I would just put mugs of water all over my room. To flood the ants away and bring some cooling effect to the room. At other times, I would use small cups filled with water and place the legs of the bed in those cups. :( It was horrible and it still is…

People here often try to gather sympathy by putting up their GTalk statuses claiming their rooms to be under antz attack.

Today morning, I got an email from a friend. She wrote me a mail after quite some time… This is what she wrote:

Dear Adi,
Lemme tell u bout the recent excitement going on in our daily monotonous routine at home.

In order to counteract the massive attack launched by an army of red ants at my usual peaceful abode, we decided to launch an anti-red ant attack.

In this regard dad bought a packet of gamaxine which is known to be an effective red ant killer!!

One fine morning mom asked dad to spread it wherever he could (mom happened to be sick herself dat day). Dad did it accordingly and we all hoped we had seen the last of those bas%%%%.

A day passed, the ants kept up their attack on us…we waited…we hoped…another day passed…they seemed to have increased their attack…another day…now we were astounded!! their number seemed to have increased manifold!!!

Now enters the detective team comprising of 2 members (mom and me) to get to the heart of the matter. After several false leads we finally gathered certain scraps of evidence against a certain person whom we had thought trustworthy. We strengthened our case. And then the fateful day (today) …we sounded the final verdict…

There happened to be a certain small packet of crushed sugar in the pantry which sorrof looked similar to the gamaxine packet and which mom had been missing ever since that day. Dad got excited seeing it without even thinking it might be otherwise and instead of spreading the gamaxine spread the sugar everywhere!!!

We simply do not know how to even start cleaning up our house coz its very obvious its an impossible task…..God help us and please pray for our quick recovery from this massive scandal…



Wow, what a disaster! I sincerely pray for all those of you who are victims of Antz attacks in Kgp and beyond.
My prayers go out to one and all, all over the world.

May Antz NOT be with you.


10 thoughts on “#179 The Season of Ants

  1. Have u seen The Ant Bully? Don’t know how the movie managed to affect me but now before stamping on one ant the movie comes to my mind and I let it go.

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  3. Just compile these facts and I assure u can find out of the exact reason of the attack :
    (1) You are alone in your room and undoubtedly in least number of cloths.
    (2)Ants simply loves to eat any material made of sucrose/fructose type of things.
    (3) In summer concupiscence spurts.

    and ya.. Best of Luck for ur health too. :)

  4. its just been a week since antz ate off the telephone wires of my home and mysteriously enuff none of the buttons of my landline phone seem
    to be working :( smells fishy!! must be the antz now that i come to read of so many similar incidents…bt come to think of it these mighty little irritatingly cute creatures are damn intelligent as to find out new avenues of gathering food nd enetertainment…hats off yaar…surviving in a world mostly dominated by creatures million times bigger than them nd still getting the better of them…MIGHTY
    BIG WORK!!! I just wish they wudnt tread into my path so often..else i wud have really admired them whole-heartedly…

  5. @pranav, @tushar, @bhoga… LOL

    Bhoga… u wer very unfortunate. But I also lost my keyboard in the 5th sem due to antzz attack.

    i dont thnk i can eat more than a few ants at a time… can you pls send your hedgehog? does it eat ants?

  6. Man……….they ate my Keyboard Away……..just last few weeks ago……..I had to get a new one……
    They ate the plastic material below ‘R’ and’SPACEBAR’ keys. For 2 days i amnaged without those keys.


    NowIPudchasedaBdandnewKeybod……. A cheaper one though…..

  7. mere room aa kar dekho [:P] aaj subeh hi ek ne mujhe kata…swell ho gaya hai…waise wish your friend all the best [:)]

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