#176 Nahin Saab, Kuch Nahin Bachta…

On a lonely road, I had hardly any enthusiasm to walk all alone back to the hostel. Decided to take a short rickshaw ride in one of the many cycle rickshaws in the campus. Soon I could spot one with the rickshaw wala sleeping cosily (or not-so-cosily) on the seat and a faint radio playing inside the seat.

Dada… dada…. (callin the rickshaw-puller)
Patel Hall jaben? (will u take me to Patel Hall?)
Bosun… (Get on…)

Dada, yeh radio battery pe chal raha hai kya? (Is the radio working on battery?)
Haan saab (yes sir)

Yeh raat bhar chalate ho kya? (Do you play it all night long?)
Haan saab kabhi kabhi toh din mein bhi chalata hoon… (Yes, sometimes I play it in the day too)

Yeh battery kitna ghanta chalta hai? (How long does the battery last?)
Saab, bees din chalta hai. Ismein gyaarah rupeh ka teen battery hai. Woh bees din aaram se chalta hai. (It lasts for 20 days sir. There are 3 batteries of Rs 11 each that last for almost 20 days.)
Time pass karne chalate hain saab. (I play it to pass my time)

Dada, tum sirf raat mein chalate ho rickshaw ya din mein bhi? (Do you cycle in the night only or also in the day?)
Saab, 24 ghanta rickshaw chalata hoon. (Sir I pull this rickshaw 24 hrs a day)

Toh ghar kab jaate ho? Ghar kahan hai tumhara? (When do you go home in that case? Where is your home?)
Ghar toh yahin hai diwaar ke peeche, ek do ghanta ghar chala jaata hoon. (My home is just behind the wall, I go home for a few hours)

Acchha dada, tum mahine mein kitna paisa kama lete ho? (How much do you earn in a month?)
Saab aath hazaar kama lete hain. (About Rs 8000)

Aur ek din mein kitna? (And how much in a day?)
Din mein do sau, teen sau, kabhi sirf sau kama lete hain. (Rs 200-300, sometimes just 100)

Aath hazaar mein toh tum kaafi bacha te hoge.. Kuch bank mein daalte ho? (You must be saving a lot out of 8000, do you save anything in the bank?)
Nahin saab, kuch nahin bachta sab khatam ho jaataa haai. Paseena bhi kaafi nikalta hai saab.(No sir, I dont save anything. All money gets used up. It makes me sweat a lot too.)

Tumhare bachhe school jaate hain? (Do your kids go to school?)
Saab, meri shaadi nahin hui hai. Ghar pe maa hai aur do bahan hai. Sara paisa wahin chala jaata hai. Rickshaw malik ko din ka 40 rupeh bhada dena padta hai. (Sir, I am not yet married. I have my mother and two sisters at home. All my money goes there. I also have to pay rent of Rs 40 per day to the owner of this rickshaw.)

Behen ki umar kitni hai? Shaadi ho gai hai kya? (How old are your sisters, are they married?)
Nahin saab, ek 10 saal ki hai aur ek 18. Maa bimaar rehti hai. Maa ko brain stroke hua tha, bach ke aayi hai. Sara paise toh usi mein hi chala jata hai saab. (No sir, one is 10 and one is 18. My mother got a brain stroke. She just recovered from it miraculously, all the money goes in her medication.)

Acchaa dada… bas yahin rok deejiye… Ye leejiye saat rupeh hai (Thats it. Stop here. Take these 7 buks)
Theek hai saab. (Ok Sir)

Dada aapka naam bata deejiye… (Tell me your name)
Shivendra saab.

I never knew these people earn so much money. It is very very surprising for me that poor guy is not able to save anything at all out of the 8000 buks he makes per month. This is life. Had he been educated to even the basics, he would have been able to save something. Maybe as little as a few hundred rupees per month. A few hundred rupees per month equals to a few thousand rupees per year. With time he would learn to save more. With time his sisters would get married. With time he would have a larger bank balance. With time he would think of having a family of himself… A wife to look after him, cute kids to play in his lap…

Would you like to donate a few cents to the cause of this man?


12 thoughts on “#176 Nahin Saab, Kuch Nahin Bachta…

  1. Very interesting. I hope now that you’ve planted the thought in his head, he’ll look into putting aside some savings.
    On a related note, here’s a rickshaw post from my blog (different take, of course ;) cos I have a different type of blog: http://www.chhavisachdev.com/?p=45 (this url will change)
    He said he made about the same amount of money, too)

  2. Thanks Kevi, Meghna and Smarita Di…

    I wish something could be done… Bengal is too poor.
    Things cant be changed so fast here. The govt has too many problems or many be the people are too lazy to even change things for their own benifit. The policies of the people and government are such that they wont change anything and if someone wants to change something, they will stop that person from doing so.

  3. It touched my heart.I wonder how many of us have the time or interest to know about them.We dont even look at them.Should nt we do something?

  4. A great thought Aditya. But the rickshaw puller earns a lot as compared to other places where sch people earn a mere 1000 in a month!
    Hope that guy gets help and is informed about the savings and bank account by other helpful travelers like you!

    Keep writing :)

  5. Now thats something touchy and realistic….would rather call it educating and heartening in some way….B
    when i try to compare what i’ve to what those EWS or BPL have, it shames me the way I devalue many things which maybe of immense value to someone else.
    Why so much inequality and disparity???

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