#167 Exchange 2020

Exchange 2020 is a crazy idea that I had some days back, inspired by Kyle MacDonald.

Your first reaction to the game would be, WHAT CRAP!!! But that is the way it is.

I set out to exchange, yes Exchange, something that I have, with something Bigger and/or Better that you would want to exchange with me.

I start with a very small and simple thing. A metal box of Wrigley’s Eclipse mints! Let’s say someone exchanges something bigger, a pencil box with me for a box of mints. I would put that pencil box up for trade in exchange of something bigger and better! What I get in exchange of the pencil box would again be put up for trade! So on…

I shall exchange things that I would get in change of the previous item. This would go on. The condition is that my barter should necessarily move in a chain. Bartering the previous item for the next. Till I get something really BIG and really GOOD!

Log on now: http://exchange2020.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “#167 Exchange 2020

  1. nice idea.. if it picks up, shud be a wonder!! (not tht i am doubting it, no way! it’s an interesting concept…)

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