# 165 I Sit Back On My Chair

Sometimes I feel I’m not myself,
I dont want to be “me” anymore.
I want to go somewhere far away,
Where I wouldn’t know anybody,
And nobody would know who I am.I wanna go far away from all relationships,
I wanna go away from all hardships,
I am not scared,
I dont want to run away.
I just want to walk out of the game,

But then I see my life is so so long,
And I haven’t yet seen most of it..
And I sit back on my chair, thinking
Once again, where I am, why I am…
But mostly wondering who I am.


4 thoughts on “# 165 I Sit Back On My Chair

  1. hey adi
    thanx a lot for commenting
    if you feel my blog or my articles need some kinda corrections
    go ahead and tell me, if you can act as a bro
    i need help
    if you cud b my helping hand

  2. @PPT …. enuff of post modernism

    @shruti… ur digging my integral!! hmmm this piece of writing represented my dilema once upon a time

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