#160: Plagiarism of some sweet Korean Memories

I have been back in India since almost a month now, but the Korean memories wont just leave me.
What do I do? In the mean while, I got interactive on Cyworld and often keep in touch with my Korean friends over Cyworld. http://www.cyworld.com/aditya0401From my trip to the East Coast and Gangneung City, I have kept and will always keep the sweet memories close to me. After the trip, Jeong Hwa put up the following post in her cyworld blog. This is what she wrote…

This is the Choding we met in the bus who actually introduced me to her :)

처음에 이아이가 우비를 입고 갑자기 나타나

여기 버스 6 50분에나 오는데?”

하고 말을 던졌을때 우리는 스물몇살쯤 정신지체아인줄 알았다;;

First, when this child said suddenly putting on a rainwear “bus is coming at 6 : 50 here”, we thought he was a mentally retarded child about twenty years

그러나 이아이는 우리가 대꾸를 하던 안하던 우리를 보며

쉴새없이 예의가 없거나 개념이 없거나 하여튼 무언가 부족한

이야기들을 쏟아내서 우리를 정신없이 만들었다;;;

But he said a little strange story continuously seeing us without our answering, so we were out of our senses.

덕분에 묻지않고도 이아이가 초딩6학년의 역도선수이며

얼마전 대회에서 1등으로 200만원을 상금으로 받았으며

나에게 관심이 있다는 것을 알게되었다( !!!)

At result, we knew he is 6th grade of an elementary school without asking him and he won weight lifting mass meeting, so he was awarded 200 man-won. And he was interested to me. (kha –a!!!)

He wanted to talk to me, but he knew no english, and I knew no Korean… Miss Jeong Hwa sitting behind me, translated for us… and in the process started talking to me too… :)

우연히 강릉시외버스터미널로 향하던 버스에서 만난 아티

(놀랍게도 같은 기차를 타고 정동진으로 왔던 아티가

정동진에서 마구잡이로 찍은 사진중엔 우리의 사진도 한장 있었다)

We met aditya in a bus to Gang Lon bus terminal by chance (to our surprise, aditya who was getting on same train to Jun Dong Gin , he took a picture which our figure is there)

Actually it happened that I was taking some pictures of the Jeongdongjin station even much before I met her. Later while coming back to Incheon in the bus, while I was showing her my camera pics, she saw herself in one of those pics. Coincidence!

4개국어를 할줄알지만 한국어를 못하는 바람에;;;

곤란해 하던 아티는 나의 부족한 영어에도 매우 감격해했다

He can speak 4 language , except Korean… he felt difficult but he was deeply impressed even by my low English.

인도 봄베이에서 인하대학교에 3개월 교환학생으로 온 아티

Aditya who is coming to Inha Univ. from India Mumbai for 3 months as an interchange student.

22살이라는 믿기지 않는 나이임에도 불구하고

Though his age is 22 years old that is unbelievable.

나이답게 호기심이 많고 순수했다.

Was curious and pure like his age…

인도사람인 아티는 한국사람들은 사진찍을때마다

Aditya who is Indian wondered why all of Korean people do ‘V’ of finger every time when they take a picture.

I miss you!! and all the Korean memories like you…


One thought on “#160: Plagiarism of some sweet Korean Memories

  1. hey,cool blog…so refreshing…n d smile at d top no its not artificial at all..un koreans ka asar u too lukin cute wid them :D ..hehe
    waise i still wonder itni bandiyon ki pic uthane pe kisi ko aitraaz kyun nahi huyi…(both here n thr):P btw u still missin som1 ;)
    n ya complex frame of life..u so philoshical?? never knew.

    well wat abt my chocolates its still due :(

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