#159 Farewell…

…at Professor Won’s house…
but whose farewell was it?

7 thoughts on “#159 Farewell…

  1. Dood! The guy thats second from right looks so much like Hiro Nakamura! [:P]

    But yep… nice pics all through the summer internship :-)

  2. Actually I ama fan on china and south korea which has seen a lot of development, but pepole tend to overlook…

    Hardly anyone knows that there’s a tgv in south korea, or that the only maglev under operation is in china, and that china is proposing to build an entire network of high speed maglev trains. fascinating!

    about my blog: I just copy pasted that large article to see if it would improve my google visibility :D

  3. @ari
    thanks :)

    had i been in ur place, i wud have surely loevd going to this place after seeing so much beauty :)

  4. Some really interested and inclusive pics of everything… so much so that now I think I don’t have to go to S. Korea to know about it :D

    once again… great photographs!


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