#156 Busan @ 300 kmph… KTX

Hi everyone… this may be my last posting from Korea, but I am not sure… This Sunday I travelled down south to city of Busan (Pusan). Busan is the second largest city of South Korea, it also hosted the Asian Games in 2002. Busan is a city with many hills around. Roads are up and down and smaller than Seoul and Incheon roads. Overall, I think Incheon is a modern city with much better planning.

It is said that night life is best in Busan, but I neither had the time nor the luck. I also felt that Seoul / Incheon girls are much much prettier than Busan girls :) hahah :)

The key point of the trip was travel by KTX. It is the High Speed Railway connecting Seoul to Busan and the technology is French (TGV). The top speed was 303 kmph and the average speed was 140 kmph. It was just awesome to whizzzzzzzzzzzzz past the beautiful Korean country side. Also the return journey was splendid.

The bus ride, that cost me just 40 % of the KTX fare, took just 4 hr 45 minutes for the 430 km!!!! Isn’t that awesome? And on top of that, I got down from the bus right near the university.

KTX route from Seoul to BusanJust outside Seoul Station

At the entrance of Seoul Station…

Cool architecture at Seoul Station…

Once inside… Ticket Counters

Waiting lounge and cafeterias…

Go up the stairs to board the KTX

Entrance to the tracks… you cant just reach the platform, without a proper ticket!

The tracks… come come my KTX

Voila!!!! C’est tres bien!!

Ohh!! Let us accelerate, oh my KTX… read 260.9 km/h

Wowie… Top Speed: 303.6 km/h

Korean country side whizzing past…

Inside the cabin…

zzzzzzzzz Sleepy heads…

11.50 am: Busan Station

Architecture Magnificent! Simply Awesome structure @ Busan Station
Front view: Busan Station

A part of Busan City :)
Station Square…

Pretty picture… Candid!

Look at the double decker bus… I wish I was in it!

Haeundae Beach… Most famous in Korea

And more…

Choding Power :P

And more…

And more… aham aham

Goding power…


Aah… this was somewhere between Seoul and Busan, on my way back to Seoul. It is a river, with embankments constructed to convert it into a picnic spot. The Koreans love to sit by the river and fish!


All in all a good trip, and great journey!

Note: Well, there are more pics, but I dont think they are suitable for public display ㅋㅋ (kh kh). Contact me personally if you wanna take a look :P


17 thoughts on “#156 Busan @ 300 kmph… KTX

  1. read this post yet again :) couple of things have changed recently

    1) u dont need tickets to reach the tracks for xpress trains anymore, felt weird that our tickets were never checked.

    2) the double decker was a busan city tour bus, for 10000 won it gives an amazing tour of busan city

    i might as well be heading back..for good.. <3 that place


  2. oh, is that the price of the KTX Seoul-Busan? because that was what i meant, sorry. and, do you know the weather there on early September like, maybe 14th? thank you ^^

    1. Hi, The cost is $50 for Seoul to Busan.

      The weather in September will be cool. Not hot, not cold. I think it will stop raining by September and it will be beginning of Autumn.

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