#153 And now to the west coast…

Ganghwa Island, Incheon Airport, Wolmido and Incheon Metropolitan City.The west coast of Korea , is along the Yellow Sea. The continental shelf is wide and most of the water near the shore is dirty brown. This area is known for its muddy flat lands along the shore.

Ganghwa island is known as a combat zone and has many old fortresses to protect the country from foreign attacks a few centuries ago.

This is Korea’s Lucky Bird

The following pictures are from a Buddhist Temple in Ganghwa.
This is really how traditional Korea is…

We must put coins in this big bowl of water. If it hits the center, then our wish will be fulfilled. My coin landed many centimeters away from the center [:(]

But this was perhaps the sweetest water I have tasted so far in Korea… very pure and natural.


GODING POWER (goding: middle school students)

Construction underway: Incheon Airport – Incheon City Sea Link.
Once constructed, it will be around 12 kilometer long and will be amongst the three longest of its kind in the world.

And then we took this ferry to Wolmido… Yes our car went right inside :)

Korean cars, ready for export…

And in Incheon City: These are residential apartments.

Back to square one…


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