# 151 Wolmido… nice Quay

Hmmmm So this weekend I went to Wolmido and China Town…China town in Incheon is the only Chinatown in entire South Korea… Not too big, just a small road and a park on the top of the hill. The park has a free for all gym instruments and its a favorite spot for old people :)

Next Stop Wolmido:
Beautiful place along the Yellow Sea. Nice Quay~ Lots of young people come for a walk, and especially just to eat sea food. This place is famous for its sea food like Oysters, shrimps, cuttlefish, lobsters and did I mention shells? Also from Womido wharf you can get ferry to Incheon airport which is just across the creek. You can get your car ferried across too… even buses are ferried in those huge ferries! Nice place to catch some sunset, some young people, cool breeze, colourful water fountains and skirts!

This is the center of Chinatown and the building with the glass windows is a famous as the first place in Korea to prepare the Jajangmyeon: Noodles with black Chinese Soya bean sauce. (very famous Korean Chinese dish)

These fluffy Tigers were sold for real cheap… I only wish I dint have a baggage limitation !

This is Abhi, from IITK, doing his internship at KICT.This is Incheon Port. A pretty colourful sight!
Behind the port, you see the Incheon Sea Link that would connect the mainland with the Incheon Airport island by 2009. It would be amongst the longest in the world.

Yours Truly

Old people love this place because of the free-for-all gym!

Welcome to Wolmido: This particular mean machine just throws the girls around! Pretty picture for on-lookers and I wonder if its embarrassing for the girls!

This was one hell of a ride! Its gone almost 90 degree and high in the air, rotating too!

This is the same Incheon Sea Link seen form Wolmido

Wolmido Quay

“Paint my face”

Look at this ferry: It ferries not just people, but cars and even buses full of people!

Cute Korean kids “Choding” (choding: elementary school kids) in water!

Sunset by the Yellow Sea! (Incheon Airport Island in the far backdrop)

And I twisted by ankle once again :(

This horse cart was funny, cause the main power came from a diesel engine kept in the read of the cart, even the horses neighs came from a loud speaker and not from the horse itself!

Cute Korean middle school kids “Goding


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