# *** Sweeter Than Honey

Today is no special day for me. Its just another day when I would like to thank “God” for everything I do and for everything I am.
The boy wanted to be a pilot when he grew up. But he died young at the age of 5 years after a short struggle with a lethal form of blood cancer. Five-year-old Subhash, the only son of a Chennai couple who was suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, died in Singapore on Thursday.

News like these are not really rare in a place like India… but this is just unfortunate…

Think of his father and mother who gave him birth and who raised him all these years, constantly with the worry and hope that one day their child would be able to run and play with everyone. Think of his parents who sold away everything they had to invest in their child’s treatment. Think of his relatives who knew him. Think of his friends, who might have been few but special. Perhaps god liked him more than others, so god took him away for himself.

But why did I have to include this in my blog?

When this news was featured on CNNIBN website, a lot of people posted their comments. Most of them were “May God bless his soul”. I just glanced at them, but one of the comments held my sight. Something that suddenly brought a gulp down my throat. I cant explain the feeling, but it touched me all the way. Even as I am copy pasting those exact words, it brings a tear to my eye. Maybe I am too sensitive, or maybe there is a lot of “Love” in this world “to live for, and worth dying for!”

will miss u loads…………….
n all the spiderman talks wid u.
Posted by: “:)”

May God bless your soul!
And give strength to your parents…

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