#148 Seoul National University

Yesterday was the most hectic day here in Korea for me…. Started from Incheon at 8am and came back at 1am in the night. Lol…. Seminar, then conference, then long stretches of walking, the long sessions of soju and pork and again another long session of beer…. whoa… long day! But it was great fun to meet and interact with so many people… It is said that if you give and take soju with anyone, he instantly becomes your very good friend! That’s what I did and enjoyed! SNU Campus is HUGE! Not just huge, but the Best in Korea and I am sure one of the best anywhere! It is situated on a hill range in the southern part of Seoul City. Seoul is surrounded by small mountains on three sides, and the Han River on the western side. It comes about as a natural fort. Coming back to SNU, its home to almost 30,000 students out of which 20,000 are undergraduate students. It is the best university in Korea and I guess it can be better than most other anywhere in the world! Once again I wished I was perched on top of a hillock to get the bird’s eye view of the campus, but never mind… Its a 4 hour trek to the top of the hills… maybe soon!

Well, this is Pork… We must roast it or grill it over the fire. It has barbeque sauce on it, but it may not be there. Then you dip it in soya sauce, wrap it up in a lettuce leaf and into your mouth! Its the most delicious thing I have had here in Korea… and I would give it A+ :)

Do I need to say what this thing is? Its 20% alcohol, in other words, its “Soju” !!!!
They are not “choding“. I will tell you more about Chodings later…
This is the SNU + Inha Power Systems Lab people… including Professor Won…
Why did the girls hide their faces once again???? I always wanted to see the face of the girl from SNU PSL who’s photograph on the SNU website is a little weird, you only see the pony tail and not the face… like an enigma!
Well well well well… this is one of the top things that has amazed me about South Korea… This isnt a shopping mall or advertisement corner, its a Subway Station!!!! The trains stop and the doors open up with the train’s doors! Awesome piece of safety and looks so good!
No words at all… except… “Korea’s favourite colour is PINK, this is not a girl’s scooter, very much a guy’s!!”
SNU campus, surrounded by these lovely hills…

Mathematics building…

The summit, with the Korean Flag fluttering high…


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