#143 Yunseong Hyong

Hmmmmmm today…
I made breakfast for Kim Yunseong and Kim Yunseong made breakfast for me. And apparently both of us liked the breakfast made by each other :)

After a lot of deliberations, we decided to go to Seoul. Seoul City is around 40 km from Incheon and takes about 40 minutes by subway. The distance isn’t a factor in Korea. You can go from any place to any place in 3 hours! Compare to India… 3 days! Hahahahaha (This is the time of travel by railways of course).

In the previous post below, Ive put pics of the small trip on a Rainy Day. Really this day spoilt our visit to Namsan Tower. N Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower is the highest point in Seoul, and you can get a very nice glimpse of the whole city. But it was raining and I could hardly see anything except the rain. But the place looked good, nice cafeterias around, and finally spotted a chunk of western people here.

Yunseong, comes around as a really nice guy!! Like all Koreans that I have come across, he is a simple, not-much-attitude, kind and really helpful person, and funny of course! I don’t really think he knew the way to reach Namsan by bus, but together we found our way to the bus stop. Language has never been a problem for me in Korea, if you are willing to make some effort, its easy to understand each other. And then they always have their mobile phones with pre-loaded translators which are really very helpful.
Coming back to Yunseong… He has asked me to call him Hyong, which means elder brother in Korean. Learning about Korean culture and teaching a little about Indian culture is a great experience. And shouldn’t I mention that he taught me to “Read and Write” Korean script?? I can read and write anything in Korean script, but I still don’t understand the meaning of the words… Picking up phrases for daily use is easy, and the rest will come soon! I don’t really have much to write about him right now, but surely by the time I go back home, there will be a lot to tell… Today again he left me alone at Juan station and went out with his cute girl friend :) Happy Couple!

Have a nice time…


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