#141 Beautiful Korea…

I guess it has been a long time since I actually wrote something…This place is awesome! Its so much evident from the photographs.

South Korea 대한민국 (Dae han min guk) is a very small nation, about half the size of Gujarat, and slightly bigger than Sri Lanka, in North Eastern Asia. In spite of having faced invasions from Japan, China and Russia, and many problems that any nation faces, this small nation emerged as a true leader. Despite a severe setback caused by the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997, the country was able to re-emerge as a major economic power. In 2004, South Korea joined the “trillion dollar club” of world economies. The policies and decisions of the government from 1970-2000 saw South Korea transform from a troubled state facing problems like India is today, to a developed nation. The quality of life and level of happiness in its people is awesome. Technology is the center of attraction here apart from the vibrant colours and fashion. This place aims to become the hub of North East Asia, and I see all hints at it trying to achieve it hard!

Korea is one crazy nation, is the only country in the world probably, where you would find children, girls, guys, and even elder people wearing bright pink clothes! And it looks so good on them!! Major expenditure of Korean Youth is on Cosmetics!!!! If you are in Korea, you will realise it in no time. 20 percent of young girls have undergone cosmetic surgery to look more beautiful, but I bet they look better anyway! The average person looks much younger than what he or she may be… a very young looking modern girl may actually be mom of one or two kids! (You may see my post “Inha at Night” for an example.) The literacy is 98% and average life expectancy is 77 years~It has amongst the highest number of medals in Asian games and Olympics, (one question that all Koreans tend to ask me is why India never gets good results in any sport inspite of having such a huge population).
It beat India almost twice in recent times, one… during the election for the UN General Secretary and then next during the voting for the city to host Asian Games in 2014.

Also, Seoul is the most expensive city to live in the world, after Moscow!

Things I would recommend:
Try to speak some Korean, the locals will mix up better with you if you do so…
Make good friends, they will really make sure you have a good time…
Try to enjoy the food here, you wont get something like this back home…
Go for a walk rather than a drive, it will rejuvenate your body mind and soul…
Wear pink, it will perhaps look good on you here…

Drink with locals but don’t get drunk, else you will vomit…
Watch Korean movies, they are awesome…
Ogle at Korean girls, they are pretty and cute and most fashionable
Do lots of shopping…He he…. And have a nice time… :)


4 thoughts on “#141 Beautiful Korea…

  1. gr88 goin bro,
    enjoy ur stay!
    and good u using d cam to d fullest, hope it working fine! :D

    btw I didnt knew blogger is not blocked from my offc, so thanks for the TP :))

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