#132 Power Systems Lab

Yours Sincerely.He is Deasoung. The only Masters student in the lab. All others are UG students. Have you seen UG students getting a lab with computers of their own in India? Not in IIT at least, not in my department at least!

This is my friend Yunseong. Very strong and good person. He ultra-mini laptop-like gadget is a Korean-English-Korean translator that is so helpful here.
Oh, and the two monitors, are of the same computer. Its called multi desktop. The mouse goes from one screen onto the other!

This is my desk with the computer (1.5 GB RAM, the minimum in the lab).

This is Jejuin. The third man. I dont seem the get the spelling of his name right.

This is the Power Systems Lab at High Tech Center.
There is a bed to sleep for those who work night out, basin to get fresh (not seen), room humidifier (green), projector, blackboard connected to printer (not seen), that prints whatever is on the board!, conference table, and computers for everyone with ultra ultra high speed internet. Yes 89 Mbps internet connection in a 100 Mbps LAN connection.


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