#126 Hi Korea…

This happens to be my first ever trip beyond the shores of India. And what a pleasure it is…

May 5th, 2007, 3:30 am
KE-656 BOM-ICN Korean Air Flight.
I am fortunate that there exists a direct flight from Bombay to Incheon. 6.5 hrs non-stop, over the Himalayas, over the Great Wall of China, over Shanghai and the Yellow Sea, into Korea.May 5th, 2007, 2:20 pm Korean Time
Incheon Airport.
Rated World’s best airport for 2007. And indeed it has to be. I walked out of the airport merely 10 minutes after the aircraft landed on the runway. Awesome construction. From up there it looked like a music player.

What is Incheon??
Huh, Incheon is a west-coast city in South Korea, barely 50 km from downtown Seoul. Was a part of Seoul, but later made into an autonomous metropolitan city. The new international airport that serves Korea, is situated on an island in the Yellow Sea west of Incheon. This has become the favoured stop enroute to the US for many Asians, instead of the traditional routes via London or Frankfurt. It is also a port, which serves as the most important international port, connecting to China and other countries.Yunseong and his girlfriend came to receive me at the airport and wasnt difficult to spot them! From there it was a short ride on the airport limousine to Incheon city, and then a taxi ride to Yunseong’s home. They dint lemme pay a penny.Yunseong’s House:
A very typical “student one room” flat. With a folding bed, a storage cupboard, ultrafast internet connection, desk, shelves, chair, washing room and electric stove to cook food. Very compact and cosy for a student. Aaaaa this is Korea… forgot to add. There was this little regulator, like we have a fan regulator, that regulates the room temperature and water temperature in the taps as per our needs. Check the pics in my next post. Ive reached posting limit for this post.

Had dinner with Yunseong and his girl friend. Went to a small traditional Korean restaurant. The walls did not have a paint or wallpaper. But wallpapers. Small memo notes were stuck on the walls and it covered all the walls, tables and chairs of the restaurant. Every visitor could write his message for anyone in particular or everyone in general and stick it. Stationary was kept available in plenty! We made our note and bang on the center of the wall!Next day, went room searching and found a Korean house that rented me a tiny, very cozy room. Met Professor Won who gave me this opportunity to visit this wonderful place and hopefully have a great learning and visiting experience.

Korean Girls are damn pretty, very fair and very fashionable. The Koreans are very fashionable and want to adopt western culture. In this cold weather at 16 degree centigrade, Korean girls hang out in very modern clothes. Amongst Korean girls… as Yunseong would help me put it his way… 1. His girl friend, 2. Jyun Ji Hyun, 3. Son Ye Jin [:P], but I would say, 1. My girl friend, 2. His girl friend, 3. Jyun Ji Hyun + Son Ye Jin!Anyway… I dont have much time to blog, as I am here to study… but will keep you updated.


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