# 124 Ah Nevermind !

  • How many times has it happened with you that you are looking at something, but it doesn’t get registered into your brain?
  • How many times have you asked the question “where are my keys”, while you were still staring at them?
  • How many times have you looked back at your life while you are still marching ahead?
  • How many times have you drank water enough to spill over your shirt and wet the part that generally is attributed to babies?

Is it called hallucination? Were you “hallu” about something someone or simply yourself?

Well now I know one such “hallufied person. In general, the mouth of a man stays closed, and in awestruck conditions it opens up wide. While for this person, it generally stays open, and in the ethereal state shuts down!

Ok, so is there something worth telling? Oh yes…
Lingo is a “cool” aspect of any youth! And lingo-es evolve faster than the language itself. One such words which was formed recently has been “AWEKASAM“.

All dues to SoMany and Blacki, Awekasam = Awesome + Maakasam ;) Nice? Well Yeh!

Ok, there is one more thing worth telling….
I was on my cycle returning from dinner, and happened to pause by a corner. Suddenly, this guy comes up, stops by me and asks…
are you aditya?”
aditya MARATHE?”
congratulations for your essay, i follow your blog regularly
thanx, you are udit, right?
yes how do you knw me?
i follow your blog too

both of us caught unaware of trespassers!


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