#120 Killing Me Softly…

My post #79 of this blog had the same title…
The context was different!

These days are killing me softly. Slowly and gradually with love. Its suddenly that I have nothing to do, and no target to achieve! Is It?

I download a movie but cant watch it cos I just dont feel like. I keep waiting for replies from people I dont know… I keep eating bread and eggs and keep drinking tea… I keep cycling, I keep going to the toilet every hour, I change my clothes 5 times a day… I have everything in the world but I am a begger in my own heart… I have everyone around me, but suddenly the vacuum of solitude encapsulates me like a black hole…

There are so many things I have to do, so many places I have to go, so many relations I have to keep, so many projects I have to complete, so many hours I have to sleep [?], so much to eat and so much to do…. whew! I have ideas in my mind, but most of the times I cant implement them.

Was I able to implement all these ideas, I would have been the Father of Modern India, I would have transformed it like no one ever did. I would have changed so many things around me. I would have made the world a better place.

But I dont. Cos all I do is hang out of the train like this and let the train take me where it is going. I am just a passenger… passenger of my own lazy skeleton!


9 thoughts on “#120 Killing Me Softly…

  1. i never knew u were so unhappy deep inside…im sorry if i contributed in ur being so…feel happy from inside and then u wont find urself lacking…just go ahead and do wat u like dont stop ur heart from reaching out to places unseen or unheard before…unleash it and u’ll find its not a bad world after all…u can still be U…coz wat u r nobody else is…

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