#109 Adrakk Waali Chhai

ITs been bad! The last month!
How much can one sustain? I guess eveyone has to go to the limit at some point or the other. But thats parcel and it comes free with the package of life.

But what is life in itself? Life is difficult. For me it hasnt been all that difficult, or should I say it has not at all been difficult. Should I compare it with people I spend my time with, I should be happy, really happy! Everyone does not get everything in their life, there are some people who dont even get anything!

Talking to a couple of my friends, I realised that things can go wrong, but the ‘man who wins is the man who thinks he can!’. Coming form simple backgrounds, and going forth to become something big is really an achievement. Those are the people who really deserve to get all the worldly things. But there is another set of people who are called snatchers. They have everything and they get everything too! Can something be done about that? No we cant, cause they just wont let us take the piece of cake. Well its not important to talk about such people!

Perhap this blog may seem a bit unorganised, but I shall blog back soon, with something new!
Sorry gotta go now!


2 thoughts on “#109 Adrakk Waali Chhai

  1. great blog again….i m reall glkad tht u think abt others…and tht u r content with wat u have…
    really appreciate tht :)
    keep smiling

  2. Hi Aditya,

    Guess I have not been the best of friend lately. Sorry it took me so long to comment. It’s not that I don’t care.

    Cheer up, if you haven’t already. You’re one of the only people I know, who really appreciates little, simple things in life, like a dewdrop or a daisy. Try not to lets those blue days pull you down. The sun will be out tommarrow.

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