#98 What Next?

Karty dint take my last blog very well!! But I dont know how and why do some people have such a photogenic face? They look good no matter what they wear on their face, I mean expressions. They look good no matter which side we click them from, no matter the light in the room, no matter the camera…. and the best people I know are my parents…. they have the most photogenic faces Ive seen, and I am already J!!!! Their fotus look good no matter what!

Anyways, I been thinking of blogging about a lot of things, and I have shortlisted a lot of things to blog on, but dont really know how much I will be able to write on them. By the way, I sold a lot of scrap today in the DownTown Market for a mere paltry 180 bucks yes INR 180/- (rupees one hundred and eighty only), waht the heck did I sell? Three useless and old, and broken and non-functional cordless phones (120 bucks), one ordinary borken non-funtional useless telephone (30 buks), one cloth iron press, a keyboard (10 bucks), one non-funtional optical mouse (10 bucks), some wires and cords (10 bucks)!!!! And I guess that is the maximum I could get out of it, and one point I was almost gonna sell it for 50 bucks in all!!!! Uff today was ‘some’day.

And apart from this, Ive got things to give out to poor to very poor people. Some clothes, socks, bags, folders, and some small and big toys that they might find pleasing. Something to start of as my UNHCR campaign may be, dont know where and how far it’ll go, but lemme start! This all came out after a massive house-cleaning-junk-removing campaign I undertook few days back, in order to create and optimise more space in this small 600 sqft flat.

Btw, my slvr rocks and is surely worth my money! The features are good not bad at all, very decent, modest and the phone has got a very very sexy outlook to it! The music, the addon memory card, the really-not-bad vga camera and the ultra slim figure, make it a phone worth its cost ! Motorola could have included a mp camera, but thats something that I would argue against soon!


2 thoughts on “#98 What Next?

  1. I know I have said before, that your I think your Mother has a very lovley smile.

    Sounds like your good at bargoning. Me, not so much.Good thing we don’t have to do that here. I am good at finding deals thaugh. :P

    It’s nice that you are doing something for the needy. My Mother taught us to help others,when we were little, and I have tried to instil that lesson in my children.

    And yes , you do have a nice phone. I think mines a Nokia 6030, so…. not as fancy as yours, but I can text message, and call. Works for my needs.

    I was able to get my digital camera going. I added a lots of new pictures, throughout my blog….and will be posting lots of pics, from now on. :)


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