#96…. and on

How long? Guess its been 14 months since I’ve been bloggin and the out come has been overall nothing! Yes, nothing!! Really Nothing!! Its just a way to open out and write off or write on something, your views your opinions, hope for people to come and read, or call them, blow your own trumpet by visitin your own site and then that is it that goes on and on and on…. its been 96 posts now including this one. Hmmmmm I’ve come a long long way. So what have I been upto?? A new Moto SLVR (pronounced Sliver) L7 Cell phone up my pocket…. looks cool, infact looks sexy!! Its got almost everything that a good cell phone needs (except for a megapixel camera, it has a VGA one, but then im not looking for a digital camera in a cell phone, I’d rather use a proper professional one). It has hundreds of thousands of colours, music playing capability with iTunes, memory card slot, a game of cricket, gprs and wap and blah blah blah blah and apart from all this has a sleek sexy 11.9 mm thin body! Looks cool and not expensive, at a mere 8.5k. Gave along a 128MB card free! Just put a Maria Sharapova pic on the wallpaper and there it is lo!!


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