#94 Mission and M(Br)otherhood

Angelina Jolie, featuring on the CNN interview last day made my day!! She is one gorgeous looking lady and what she is doing for UNHCR is most commendable.
Hats off to the lady.
For the complete interview click here.
For a huge archive of Jolie pics from UNHCR click here.

So what can I do? What can we do? For whom? The street children who beg on the highway? Or their fathers who sit down in their shanty and drink liquor? Do we help the eunuchs who are actually not harmful, or the men who force them into prostitution? Do we help the refugees who run away from their nations or the nations who cant do enough to keep peace in their own homeland? Whom do we help? Do we help the real life heroes who are forgotten the next day morning? Or do we help the reel life heroes, who are made idols and role models for their pathetic ways of life and sinful behaviors? Do we help poverty? Or Do we help people who create this poverty?

Aren’t the questions obvious? Who will help? Too many questions? Perhaps that’s the way it is meant to be. How can India be brought back to the path of fast and rapid development? Does doing a humanitarian effort help a nation in its race to the roof of the world? Are the peoples’ rights exercised? Does a common man know where he belongs and what good can he do to get back goods to himself and his family? India needs a definite plan and a plan that will be sustainable. India needs to look ahead with 2020 as its deadline and then no excuses mind it!

And it will be and has to be people like us to make the change. Running away from the truth wont help the cause, will it? Lets see what comes up!


9 thoughts on “#94 Mission and M(Br)otherhood

  1. man, u JUST the right mixture of “genius” and dumb-brick needed to solve all the problems of the world…all the best man.

  2. isnt the answer obvious? or u “someone whos nt even bold enuf to revel his name” belongs to teh second category

  3. the road to disaster is paved with good intentions…whom will u help? how will u make ur choice? Whom will u choose NOT to help?

  4. haa look whos talkin
    go out and do what ur crazy mind tells u
    sometimes its better to assume and then look at things u may be wrong, but u have a path to walk on

  5. There u go enforcing ur assumptions on everything around u…Man break out of the shell. Learn to accept everything life dishes out…

  6. My friend, u are caught in a self referential paradox that has made u blind to the possibility that maybe they don’t need ur help. Think about it. U don’t know the realities of their life.

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