The UNHCR is the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and soemthing that I am pretty keen on. So what is UNHCR? I guess thats a pretty obvious thing, its a UN agency that works towards the goodwill of international refugees.

How Can You Help?

It doesn’t take much. There are numerous ways you can get involved to help raise funds for and awareness of refugee issues and the work of the UN Refugee Agency.

  • Make a donation today that directly translates into more refugee children attending school, new shelters for refugees and vital protection assistance.
  • Help us raise awareness about the plight of refugees.
  • Interested in working or interning with UNHCR?
  • You still have questions? Contact us.

Your support will make a difference.

Thank you!

I guess, as a student I can make my best attempt towards the second function, Raising Awareness…. thats what I hope I am able to do via my blog.

If you want to join me in my mission, just “Comment” on this blog and I’ll join you up. Hoping to do some goodwill!!

Obviously inspired by Angelina Jolie


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