#92 Some Changes Here and There

New looks, new colours, new schemes thats what my blog has been upto of late.
Blue is the colour of the day, of the month, of the year, of life!

A few strange pics here and there and people start questioning me, “is that you”? Well thats how bad I look :( Sadly Though.

Changes are welcome…. and last few months have gone through change…. my email id, my chat id, and my orkut profile that I made a new one….

With my project almost about to get over…. I still havent done the transient analysis, just done the steady state one….

None the less…. my blog has seen 5000+ visitors.. though most of them have been by me myself and romz….

Lets see!


4 thoughts on “#92 Some Changes Here and There

  1. well read ur blog….i somehow hate changes.. i like the routine stuff…agree tht its boring but its better thn change…and if its a nasty change thn.i better stick to the boring routine.

  2. looks really good though i wud have appreciated a bit of pink here nd there u knw y…spik nd span look but it wud be appreciated if u blog regularly from now on…

  3. I am particularly interested in India. I think if you turned your blog into a sort of tourist/culture site you could make it big. Every day life, the people, the markets, the cars, the schools, the streets, places, the sea, the villages, the politics, and pictures, pictures pictures. Those things interest me.

    I sponsor a child in India that is poverty stricken. He is a beautiful creature and I hope to one day fly to India and give him a huge hug.

    I eat Indian food all the time, and love all the Indian people I have met who live here in America. Your people are so kind and warm there.

    Hope that this message helps! Keep me in mind when you post on these types of topics.

    I think you’ll really have to tame the language, though. Most Americans are pretty un-cultured as far as the world goes… although you would probably find that most of them are very eager to learn! The problem lies with our schooling… and that’s why we homeschool.

  4. Things aren’t always as they appear from a distance, you’ve got to go close, see, touch, taste and feel them to understand.
    For more….
    The Integral
    The place where Life is the curve integrated over various elements that we see in and around us.

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