#91 I am Ashamed

They don’t complain, they just know how to be happy!
I am ashamed!

Picked up from Himanshu’s Blog


5 thoughts on “#91 I am Ashamed

  1. amazing yaa…ur every post has amsg to convey….
    and i must say….u convey it exceptionally well….
    ur blog really shows the feel and ur thinkings for the society
    keep it up
    i m glad :)

  2. hi aditya,

    this one’s touching! I have a similar poster of a small slum boy with such a lovely smile that one feels like there’s so much to life than what we’d (most people) like to acknowledge…!

    thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and i am glad to know we share similar interests. looking forward to reading your blog….

  3. we can actually be if we want to…happiness lurks just round the corner, but most of the times we tend to ignore it and lament later…we just need to appreciate the small things in life though its easier said than done…

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