Bargaining in Mumbai — To the tune of 50 paise

Everybody loves the outcome of a bargain. “Aap bhi khush, hum bhi khush”. That is the case with bargaining. Whether it is Delhi, Kolkata or Mumbai or whatever, you just bargain, and you can bargain a lot, if you know the market trends. Last summer I bargained a leather belt and got it for 90 bucks, when the initial quote was 450 bucks at Delhi’s Palika Bazaar. Even last month, got to bargain a lot on the streets on Mumbai while shopping with Roshnai and Suma.

But whats a bargain after all?? It happened so….
I was coming home in an autorickshaw. When I was to pay the fare, the meter read 26 rupees. I had 25 rupees change and also a 5 rupee coin. The rickshawala dint have 4 rupees change to give me back. I asked him to take just 25. Generally they dont mind. But he said “saab aap mera ek rupiya kyun le rahe ho..?”, I said “thik hai fir kya karun?“. He took my 5 rupees coin and went somewhere, came back after some minutes and gave me 4 rupees change. I accepted that, as it was fair. As I was turning around to go back, he said, “saab, ek toffee lenge? main chutte karane gaya toh do toffee le aaya, ek aap khaiye” !!!!

So effectively I bargained 50 paise!!


4 thoughts on “Bargaining in Mumbai — To the tune of 50 paise

  1. goodnes knows wats the actual price for the goods bought…at the end of the day these shop-keepers still make a huge profit…i only hope they give the toffees to their children nd bring a smile on their faces…

  2. yeah and wht pains the most is tht they do so at the peak hours whn ur in a hurry 2catch a train..or u knw ur extremely exhausted..

  3. dude v bargain day in and day out!!tht person gave u a toffee..a few ask us 2 buy toffees..infact they argue till u get frustated and ur like fine dude!!keep the change..

  4. abe addo! fir bhi tu thagaa gaya.. [:D]. main wahi belt wahi se(palika bazaar se) Rs. 25-30/- me lata tha!!!!!! not kidding… hahaha.. sach me.. waha sale sab 400-500/- hi batate hai.. [:P]

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