I am Back!

Hi ppl, I just had been to Pluto, you know far away, on the outer reaches of the solar system…. I am just back…. Verrrry sorry for not giving you the regular dose of my head banging hard hitting frustrating blogs! Anyways, so here I am!
Pluto is a cool place man, the Sun can hardly reach there, and guess what there are no humans there absoltuely no humans…. The entire journey took more than two months, but it was splendid! You ‘MUST’ visit it once in a lifetime.

Anyways…. stories and fantasies apart, no justification or story telling about my past whereabouts, all I know now is where I am and what I am doing!
I am back home in Mumbai, not “Home” though, me doing a project at IITB and the place is superb especially in the rains…. its just begun raining, and the atmoz cool! Super Cool!
So my project is on Distributed Generation of electricity, more specifically “Analysis of Microturbines”, pretty technical!

Raddoz is here, what else do I need??

5 thoughts on “I am Back!

  1. I like NEscafe…:) (if u get the pun!)

    Rains stopped mid way in mumbai…:-(

    nice read tho!:) keep visiting..

  2. chalo good to read something from u after such a long time..
    btw how do i reach venus? ;) (i still have a few days left from hols)
    U r already into Geeky stuff. And i really am getting jelous of the weather u r enjoying…

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