#84 > October Sky

Last night, I watched this movie “October Sky“.
And I was happy to have watched a good movie after some gap!
It was that time of the century when Russia had just alunched Sputnik in space, the first satellite launched my man!
Its about a young boy living in a coal mine town with his family and having aspirations to become a rocket scientist. Its about his determination and success. The story rolls around his friends and well wishers. Its been put down brilliantly through a father and son relationship. The father who holds a high post in the coal mine wants his youger son (the hero) to do the mining and favours the elder child more with his interests, football!
Good movie, moves on at a decent pace. Things happen naturally and the feeling is good!
I would rate is at 9/10!
Do watch it if you get a chance!

6 thoughts on “#84 > October Sky

  1. dude wat a coincedance i was watching da movie “october sky” infact was jst finishing it wen i da got link to this blog

  2. :) thankyou for your suggestion. For now, you have been tagged. check out the rules on my last post. Enjoy:) Buhahahahaaa!

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