Jokes apart ~

So, the last time I posted was way back a month ago! Its been a long time. But nothing much has happened apart form a lot of unusual things here and there. Bush came to India, Ganguly sacked from the Indian team, Bird flu hitting the nation, Sensex rising beyond 10k, Exams through, Me going places, Health factor, Feelings and emotions, Another one of machines’ lab, but this time done well… and I could just go on and on~~~~~~!!

Finally, someone has patiently gone through my book (if you dont know what I am talking about then chk out this link.) And I have got healthy views on it, views to improve it and make it better… thanks a lot… I thought the only place where it looked good was the bin!

Anyways, things change a lot, dont they? Why not? Even people change a lot. From what we have known of them some few years back, to what we have known of them a few months back, to what we know of them today. Its a journey worth analysing! Some people change for the good some for the bad, but I have a general feeling, that most people change for the good! Or maybe you start seeing people differently cause its you yourself who has changed a lot from what you knew of yourself a few years ago, to a few months ago, to now. Dont worry, cause its not you who must have changed, most probably its me… that is what people have started telling me, I have changed!

Coming back to blogging, sorry Raddoz, AB, and all others who follow this blog with regular regularity, I am sorry what not having blogged for long, but I just dint feel like. Anyways, for those who still cant believe there is a Deer Park, go check it out for yourself!


2 thoughts on “Jokes apart ~

  1. People do change, and mostly for the better, but slowly. If you feel like you have changed, maybe it is not really you changing, but you dessiring change in your life. That happens to me a lot. I am the kind of person who is not happy, unless I am constanly learning and evalving.

    I go through periods were I don’t feel creative at all, and then something comes over me, and I can’t stop the creative flow. I am feeling extremlly creative right now. Time to draw,write and work on my book!

    I will check out that link, sounds interesting.

    Anyway, nice to see that you haven’t given up blogging. :P

    I will blog again soon to!

    :) AB

  2. nice to see u blogging again…its been a long time…well i dont find uve changed a wee bit so u better stop worrying bout dat…have fun!!!!!!!!

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