जिंदगी भर… In the Electrical Machines Lab!!

This is the most dreaded part of the whole campus, and can you believe it, I go there twice a week, when I am supposed to go there just once in two weeks!!
Engineer बनने जा रहे हैं!! That too Electrical Engineer!!
We have this lab once in two weeks on Tuesday afternoon.
First experiment… Calculations not shown, resubmit
Second experiment… Not completed in time, came back to do it next week, error in readings, repeat.
Third experiment… Lab partner pissed off the prof, whole batch got F in the experiment sheet, expt not completed in time, came back next day, seems we will have to arrange for the remaining readings form someone else have to go back there for a third time!
We are going to be Electrical Engineers, but we should also know how to do a technicians job of repairing fans and lights!!
Yesterday I went to the insti at 7:30 in the morning and came back finally at 9:30 pm in the night, in the middle of the day I had come just for lunch and a bath. It was a hectic day. And on top of all those things, all the books which I had kept in the library for studying in the evenings (ummmm….) had been moved from there… it was such a frustrating thing to have happened. We had to start from scratch all over again to arrange for some books to study.
Exams coming up naa, वही तोह!!!!
So we are studying……….
Anyways… ppl, do you know abt the Deer Park (Animal ResQue Center) just at a stone’s throw from the campus?? Well a nice place almost a zoo is coming up. The place has been built up, and only the animals are to be brought in! Deer are already there, and it promises to have some crocodiles, elephant and hippos too!! Never expected a place like this to compe up so surprisingly so close to this campus!! Raddoz and me got really excited when we saw it and went there!!
We hope they get in the animals soon, the place looks promising indeed!!

16 thoughts on “जिंदगी भर… In the Electrical Machines Lab!!

  1. abe marathe lab karna seekh!!!! nahin toh elec engineer kaise banega!! no need crib abt such an easy lab here when there r ppl who have completed the same experiments in 3 hrs!

  2. A deer park! Hummmmmmmmmmmmm! That sounds like something I would enjoy visiting.

    Plan on posting anytime soon????

    :) AB

  3. somehow the sidebar is appearing lower down at the end of the whole blog and not alongside!! when using IE
    but it is working fine with moozilla!! i dont know if this is the case in ur comp as well!!

  4. trying to be more regular at all this…
    btw u seem to have changed ur template code soemwhere!! ur page isnt in the right format!!

  5. Where exactly is this deer park again dost. Kaha tha Agri mein dep-C maar le (yaad hai woh junk ke audition waala din). peace hi peace hai life mein. abhi thodi der mein xam hai aur main yahan comment maar raha hoon tujh par. Anyways yaar, also ask Raddoz to write something, she being the partner in crime (read blog) and all

  6. ya the deer park was awesome though we didnt get to see any……but nice place really to just hang around and have a gala time…and stop taking load bout the lab dumbo…bad luck always comes in three’s and uve already gone through three of them at the lab……..so hold on for ur next lab dats gonna be rocking!!!(hopefully)…keep smiling…..

  7. Why Need 2 Zoos in Kharagpur? There is one big one already isnt it? The one that is proudly called IIT with all its specimens..:). Is there really a deer park nearby? May I know where? May be I could get to see some other kinds of animals than the ones already around..hehehe

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